I am an identical twin.

My story as a collaborator began even before I was born.

From the very beginning, the essential skills of empathy, curiosity and learning, and experimenting to solve problems were shared with another human being. 

Since then, I've been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the best – extraordinary thinkers and doers, intuitive designers, and rigorous marketing innovators.

By design, I have a pattern of blended duality, beginning with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and an MBA. With equal decades of expertise and experience in the strategy and brand consulting ecosystem, I guide people and organizations on the insights + strategy + implementation journey – with curiosity, empathy, an understanding of how companies succeed, seeing what could be, and making it happen.

I blend a balanced, strategic perspective and solid business acumen with creativity and design-thinking in addressing brand and innovation challenges.  

My best work is done collaborating and improvising with multidisciplinary teams.